Anglo Saxon Beliefs

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Do the Anglo Saxons belief’s had to do in how religion came about? The Anglo Saxon Era was one of the most important times period occurred; this era gave rise to important history in to how Anglo Saxon was established and most importantly in how their religion came to developed and the change they had face over their beliefs. The Anglo Saxons were known to be pagans, polytheistic meaning they believed in many gods, all their kings were pagan also their lands were the largest part of the Roman Empire as it had been in c.400 to remain pagan so long (Campbell 22). The changes they faced had to do with their way of practicing their religion, questioning this beliefs that they had for centuries in to a new religion that is Christianism. It wasn’t…show more content…
Augustine whose mission was to turn their beliefs in to Christians. Pope Gregory had sent them Augustine and other monks to make the change. It was a fairly peaceful change since one of the Kings of the Anglo Saxon Ethelbert had marry to a Princess Frankish whom was already Christian and her own priest and church. In less than 200 years, England was thoroughly Christianized, though Heathen practices and customs apparently continued to coexist alongside the new found faith (Krasskova 19). The King Ethelbert allow the monks to preach and show what they believed in for later allowing the monks to establish a base in where they would preach (Krasskova 19). Pope Gregory knew it was not going to be easy to transformed their beliefs so rapidly, so he allow them to keep those beliefs with a touch of Christianity, blending the two religions together in one, since most of what Christians preach had some similarities to the pagans beliefs. Many of the pagan values fit well into the new Christian teachings. We can understand how the early English viewed the new religion by reading the poetic versions of Bible stories that they eventually created (Staver, Johnson 155). Establish the monasteries to preach and monk also nuns would settle, they would educate the children’s in order to grow with those Christian beliefs that were thought in them, by that then the Christianity had been well establish in England. But soon this came to and end, Heathen practice officially came to an end in 1100 C.E. Slowly, the tribal laws and ethics began to give way to Christian ones (Krasskova 20). Heathen practices stop for many years, but in 1970 the year that gave in a new regrowth where the young ones whom were thought this tradition would keep these beliefs on going in this are the ones that had distance themselves from the rest but later on reemerging in
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