Anglo Saxon Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter one “Anglo-Saxon”. this video was talking about how the English began in 410 A.D. and how the romans left Great Britain, and all kinds of other tribes started coming in such as the Anglo’s and the Saxon’s. Those two word formed the word Anglo-Saxon. Then talked about how the romans didn’t have simple words like the Anglo-Saxon’s did, words like house, woman, & dog. Then it started talking about how four of our days of the week ( Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday ,&Friday) are named after four of the Anglo-Saxon’s gods. After that in 591, the Christian mission strolled in and made Christianity became a big hit and also brung some good words from the Latin. Words like martyr, bishop, and font. In 800 A.D the Vikings came in and brought their own action words in, words like drag, ramshed, thrust,…show more content…
The Fifth chapter was about how science was not really recognized anywhere else but in Britain. There were 3 scientists that were discovering things faster than they could name them so they stop for a while to named them than after they started naming parts of the body. Chapter six “English and Empire” was about how the Britain went on this world to share the language and how they gained more language while touring the world. Chapter seven “The Age of the Dictionary” told the history of the dictionary. It took Dr.Johnson 9 years to put 42 thousand words in his dictionary and years later more and more words were being invented and in 1857 a new dictionary was in the making it took 70 years and 3 people to make it. Chapter eight “American English” was words borrowed from the Native Americans and words that was shared by the Dutch, the Germans and the Italians. Then later America discover
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