Beowulf Being A Hero Essay

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Heroes. They are here for us when we need them. Without fail, they come to our rescue and save us from our sinful desires and offer an escape from the sin filled world we live in. At least that is the hero we think of when it comes to modern-day thoughts on a hero. One thing is true about a hero, that they have distinct qualities that set them above normal people. Heroes can also be wavered and effected by the characteristics of the society they were created in. However, heroes are not real but are created, usually to give hope to people or to provide a boost of morale to people who are being oppressed in away. If the average American, who would be accustomed to Marvel heroes, were to look at the Anglo-Saxon hero, they may not even consider them a true hero by today’s standards. The Anglo-Saxon heroic code consisted of being able to…show more content…
It was a hero meant to give a morale boost to warriors, a hero meant to bring all the glory home to his family and his home country. This hero was meant to boast his accomplishments and do it in an honorable way. It was a hero meant to be hospitable and loyal to the very end. What better book and character to demonstrate this than Beowulf.Beowulf before the events leading up to his spotlight in his story had the dream job of any warrior In those times: Slaying monsters, winning races (except one), and gaining wealth and riches. Beowulf was living it up, he could boast like none other with long, powerful, but eloquent boasts. He was loyal to all of his comrades to the very end, and he ruled over his country for 50 years being hospitable. His actions brought back much glory for his country and his name. He fought and died honorably in the way an Anglo-Saxon hero should. Beowulf is the perfect Anglo-Saxon hero. The real question is how would Beowulf match up with other heroes from different time periods? How about modern times? Would they be drastically

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