History Of The Anglo-Saxon Period

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Introduction Anglo-Saxon period existed a lot of years ago and it had amazing literature like “Beowulf”. It also laid the background of the English and German language we use today.
Anglo-Saxon Back in the Anglo-Saxon Period, firearms didn’t exist so the military had to rely either on throwing weapons or held weapons. Their battle strategies were vastly different where between the two armies, they would go into the defensive position with shields all around and the warriors at the center throwing javelins. When both sides are out of javelins, they would charge into a swordfight. While effective, they had a disadvantage against the Vikings or their ancestors, The Normans. Their disadvantage was that they didn’t utilize bow and arrow
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It was strong and heavy which made it easier to use if you are good in handling momentum. However, because of its weight, only well-trained warriors utilize this. Franzisca: A small but heavy throwing ax, it owes its name to the fact of being popular among the Germanic tribe of the Franks. It was used in early Anglo-Saxon times. Sword: Although famous, it wasn’t popular back in the Anglo-Saxon
Initially, swords didn’t have a sharp tip since at the early years of the Anglo-Saxon Period heavy armor wasn’t popular. Another thing that they didn’t do with the sword was to block or parry the enemy’s sword since it could have damaged the sharp edge.
Seax: A single-edged knife spread, with different names and sizes, among almost all Germanic tribes, it was used both as a tool and as a weapon. Helmets: Anglo-Saxon helmets had a similar design to the Vikings which had their helmets conical which is meant to protect the head from the blow. Armor was later added in the last few years of the Anglo-Saxon
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In the early period, they were rather small, with a diameter of about 45 centimeters, as suitable for raiders who had to rush fast towards the enemy. After the colonization of Britannia shields grew bigger.
21st Century In the 21st Century with improving technology, it is fair to say that our weapons are much more superior to those of the Anglo-Saxons because we have firearms and warplanes. But despite these, we can still say there are some Anglo-Saxon weapons in our life. An example of this is the shield and knife. But what matters here is how effective a weapon is in a battle.

Here is a list of 21st-century firearms that shows how can they be used in actual combat
Handgun: A gun that can be held with a hand and can have the following variations:
• Semi-auto Pistols – The most common of the three types of handgun. The semi-auto pistol doesn’t have a fast fire-rate compared to the machine pistol but their advantage in combat is that they won’t use up as many bullets.
• Machine Pistols – The machine pistol is capable of full-auto fire or selective fire which gives them an advantage since they have essentially a rifle compacted for one hand
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