Angry Biker-Far Out Man Analysis

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Saturday the 14th Strikes Back (1988) – The Mummy - In this horror comedy film, Eddie and his family inherit a creepy, ramshackle house. They are unaware that the house was built over a passageway that is actually evil, but they soon discover the the wacky it unveils. Michael Berryman portrays "the Mummy" in this film, among other classic horror monsters. Far Out Man (1989) – Angry Biker - Far Out Man is the first movie in which Tommy Chong performs independent of his usual sidekick Cheech Marin. Tommy Chong, as an aging hippie travels American in an effort to recapture his youth by finding his family. In this comedy film, Michael Berryman portrays an angry biker encountered by Tommy. Solar Crisis (1990) – Matthew - In this science…show more content…
At a typical Earthling hangout, Franklin’s Bar, we meet Cassidy, a large, muscular man and and his friend, Queen, a quirky biker who wears a wig and lipstick and is portrayed by Michael Berryman. Evil Spirit (1990) – Mr. Balzac - Ella, an odd landlady runs a boardinghouse filled with tenants, who are not likely to be missed if they disappear. The residents continue to not only disappear, but some of them mysteriously die. She continues to cash their government benefit checks in their absence. However, this isn 't the only strange thing taking place at the house. Among the residents in the boarding house are Mr. Balzac, portrayed by Michael Berryman, a writer who enjoys snacking on sandwiches and watching one of the other residents Tina, a mute ballerina, who spends her time provocatively dancing while she gets both dressed and undressed. Teenage Exorcist (1991) – Herman- Teenage Exorcist is a horror comedy film that tells the story of Diane, a straight laced college graduate student, who rents a creepy old house from a realtor, Herman, portrayed by Michael Berryman. Unfortunately, a demon lives in the house 's basement that quickly possesses her, turning her into a
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