Angus Cattle Case Study

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Introduction of the ingredient About the Chilled Aberdeen Angus beef ribeye, it originated in Scotland in the county of Aberdeen. In 1873, the first five angus bulls were brought to America by George Grant. After the ranchers imported more than 1,200 head of angus cattle to the America because the angus cattle cause less damage to pasture and produce more meat on fewer acreage. Therefore, the America is an angus cattle Habitat. The angus cattle have classified that they are Red Angus and Black Angus. Red Angus is Originated in the British Isles Same as Black Angus, banning red cattle from the registry and it recognized as separate breed. In addition, the Black angus is native to Angus (near Scotland) that is always black in color. Then, the Black Angus can also produce Red Angus meat and marbling stripe for…show more content…
Getting the meat to room temperature helps to ensure it’s cooked all the way through. If the meat is cold, the outside of the meat may get dried out before everything is cooked through. It may take up to 30 minutes for a fresh out of the fridge ribeye to be ready for cooking. Also, you should use the paper towels to make rid of some of the outer moisture on the steak because the water droplets or extra moisture will make you run the risk of steaming the steak. Regarding the classical cooking method is most suitable for the ingredient. I think Pan-Frying is the most suitable cooking method because it can keep the beef fleshy and moisture. The Pan-Frying is a good Ideal for the cooking flat and it can even-thickness pieces of food, especially meat. Also, the cooking time is the most important because over cook will be affect the quality of the beef ribeye. The pan-Frying can Fast Cooking to cooks flat shaped foods of even-thickness and rapid Browning to improves flavor and appearance. In addition, the pan-Frying is relatively Healthy because it can Minimal amount of fat

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