Angus Mammoth Essay

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The Angus Mammoth Holen, Steven R., David W. May, and Shannon A. Mahan. 2011 “The Angus Mammoth: A Decades-Old Scientific Controversy Resolved”. American Antiquity 76.3: 487–499. Back in 1931, a mammoth fossil was found by a 15 year old named Earl Brooks in Nuckolls County, Nebraska. An expert was called in from the Hastings museum and he instantly identified the bones as mammoth and started excavating the skeleton. While digging a tunnel around the left scapula, Brooks encountered a hard object which he removed and it was identified as a fluted artifact. This was a major discovery as it was believed to be the first association between a fluted artifact and a mammoth skeleton. Controversy began when two scientists claimed that the land where the mammoth was found was far too old for a fluted artifact to be in play. Many scientists had taken position that the angus mammoth and the fluted artifact were a good association however there were the few skeptics who continued to look for and argue that the site was too old and therefore impossible to validate the discovery. Henry F. Osborne, a leading paleontologist, believed this finding represented the mammoth’s migration to North America from the Old world. The sites stratigraphy was studied again in the 80s and it was…show more content…
The artifact was described to be “crude in workmanship” and showing “evidence of hard usage.” The point is much thicker than the average fluted point. Some scientists believe the artifact to be a fake however there is evidence it’s been used plenty of times on both soft and hard surfaces. The artifact is far too young to be associated with the Angus mammoth but that doesn’t mean that the Angus mammoth is a hoax or the fluted artifact is fake. We’re left with the question once again, how did these two come
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