Anhedonia Psychology

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Anhedonia is a reduction in capability to experience pleasure in activities that was once gratifying (Pelizza, Ferrari, 2009). Individuals with anhedonia find it difficult to experience positive affect in activities such as exercising to socializing. Some describe their experience as emotional flat lining as they often remain in unchanging mood of negative affect disrupting their motivation to engage in daily activities. With that said, it does not mean that patients are completely unable to experience pleasure. Patients are still able to experience pleasure but having the condition may reduce its occurrence or intensity of positive affects.

Anhedonia is often associated with Major Depressive Disorder as it is a core symptom of the condition.
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According to neuroimaging studies, BA targets the reward system, a crucial part of the brain that is believe to lead to anhedonia and depression. Individuals who recovered from depression via BA treatments showed higher activation in the Striatum during anticipation for reward which is opposite of what is observed in patients with anhedonia (Treadway, Zald, 2010; Dicter et al, 2009). The effects of BA were also proven to be comparable and superior to other forms of treatments such as cognitive therapy and medication for mild to moderate depression (Dimidjian et al. 2006; Coffman et al, 2007). The effects of BA also appear to sustain amongst successful individuals between 6 to 24 months post treatment (Sturmey, 2009; Dobson et al, 2008). BA is also a preferred treatment due to the simplicity of execution as well as application in different setting and population of people (Mazzuchelli et al, 2009). BA is showed to be more cost effective than CBT as individuals with no advance training in psychological therapies is also able to facilitate the program, advancing its appeal to many. (Richards et al, 2016). Positive results from research authenticate the effectiveness of behavioral activation therapy and it is now believed to be an empirically validated treatment. With that said, many of the…show more content…
Users would be trained in the theory and execution of techniques used such as scheduling, reinforcement and goal setting in the form of 1 hour modules. Most importantly, individuals would also be given the chance to practice relational skills needed to facilitate client-therapist relationship via various mediums, from role-playing to video presentations. Real life examples would be included to provide a better and more realistic understanding of what therapist may face in their practice. Following the end of each module, individuals are required to complete a quiz, which includes questions on theoretical foundations as well as role-play sessions. Following the end of the program, the app would provide users with a summary of their learning progress as well as advice for areas of
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