Ani Mels Character Analysis

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One of my favourite characters in this book is Ani Mells. She is this wild, impulsive girl, who is not afraid to speak her mind. Throughout the book, she gets into situations where, she has to pick from doing the right thing, and getting in trouble, or staying quiet. In which, she always chose to do the right thing. I would love to be Ani’s friend, because she follows her heart, never gives up, and is incredibly brave.
Ani taught me, that you must follow your intuition. When Ani took the Scourge test, Sir Willoughby was talking to the governor about special medicine. Ani knew from that moment that Governor Felling was hiding something. One of her traits that I admire most about her is her trust in herself. Through the story, we follow Ani and her gut feeling to the truth. I would genuinely benefit from having her as a friend, because she would teach me to respect my feelings, and always do what is right.
This brings me to my next point. Ani’s persistence is amazing. She hit so countless bumps on her journey of discovering the truth, but she never gave up. If we were friends, I would be constantly from her. She would teach me, to motivate
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At the age of twelve, she figures out that the Scourge is a hoax, captures an enemy ship, and exposes Governor Felling, in one week. Not to mention all the challenges she faced along the way, for example: the water mill. When she tells the Colonist that the medicine they are taking is actually poisoning them, the wardens punish her by making her climb the water mill. The steps were slippery, and a simple misstep, could kill her. Does she panic? No, she takes it as a challenge, and bravely does it all day. Ani taught me that occasionally it is healthy to push yourself outside your comfort zone, because that is where the adventure begins. Fear is only going to tear you down, but bravery is going to build you up. So when in a sticky situation, keep calm and be brave like
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