Anilkumar Patel Case

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AnilKumar Patel, B.D.S. is a full-service dental clinic that is located in Oviedo, Florida. The services they provide include preventative care, teeth cleaning, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, same day reline and repair, emergencies, plus more. AnilKumar Patel, B.D.S. offers crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, braces for adults and children, dentures, partials- a removable partial denture, fillings, and dental x-rays. Their treatments and procedures include extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, periodontal surgery, subgingival scaling and root planing, root canal, and full mouth reconstruction. AnilKumar Patel, B.D.S. repairs most of the dentures on the same day. If the patient came at 9:00 AM, the repair or reline would be competed

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