Animal Abuse And Cruelty

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Animal Abuse and Cruelty is a major problem in the world that very few people know many details about. Animal Abuse is not just simply beating an animal to where it is nearly on the brink of death. It can be things that many people witness every day and not realize that they are even witnessing someone breaking the law. People do not realize what they are witnessing because the majority is uninformed about what Animal Abuse really is. There are many forms of animal abuse and the awareness is very minimal this awareness needs to be increased and more evasive actions need to be taken to help solve this terrible issue. There are some organizations that many people know about. One that is shown on TV very often is ASPCA, American Society for the…show more content…
The ASPCA also gives lots of information to the public in order to get people more aware of this situation. They show people what that little they give really does for the animals. The ASPCA also explains all of the different types of abuse that people may have not even thought of as abuse before. They talk about puppy mills, horse slaughter, animal hoarding. etc. and they explain exactly what each of them are and how to identify them. PAWS is another organization that is trying to spread awareness of this issue. They are a little different though they explain what someone should do if they are put in a situation where they know that animal abuse is going on. They give three key things that you should always do “Don’t touch”, “Get an Adult”, and “Call for help” (PAWS). They also try to explain why people should report abuse and why people might be abusing the animals in the first place. They give these reasons because they know by law they have to authority to catch an animal abuser. PAWS give a few reasons for why people might neglect animals. One comes back to many people being uninformed of what Animal Cruelty really is because “Sometimes it is simply that people do not understand that…show more content…
The majority of the population thinks that Animal Cruelty is only as major as physically beating or maiming an animal, but in fact it is much more vast than that. There can be added charges if the abuse is above a certain extent. The charge for animal abuse is a “ Misdemeanor with a fine up to $1000 or imprisonment up to 6 months” and if the abuse goes above a certain extent, then the charge is a “Misdemeanor with a fine up to $1000 or imprisonment up to 6 months, and restitution to the owner of the dog to include replacement, veterinary fees, special supplies and loss of income. There are no exemptions listed”(“AnimalCrueltyLaws” 8). If people were more aware of what exactly Animal Cruelty was then people would think that the punishments for this crime should be more severe. Going back to what Paws said about animals being creatures with feelings and not objects this shows that the punishment for Animal Abuse should be intensified. Why should someone not be punished just as much as someone harming or killing a human if they harm or even kill an animal. Animals are still creatures that think and feel just like humans. Humans are scientifically classified as animals just like dogs, cats, horses, etc. therefore the punishment for animal abuse should be
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