Animal Abuse Essay: Cruelty Among Animals

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Cruelty among animals Millions of animals are dying every day due to abuse. Although people around the world think that this abuse is okay. But it is not animal abuse is taking away an animal's right and chance to ever live it's life without fear or the warm embrace of a human. Over 15 million animals are either tortured, hurt, shot, poached, starved or killed in result of animal abuse every day. Every day animals are dying because of animal abuse. There are laws against abuse for many different reasons.43 of 50 states have a zero tolerance policy for animal abuse, and will convict you on your first time offense. 43 out of 50 states in America will not tolerate animal abuse in any way or form because the the law of misdemeanor…show more content…
But having a collar too tight is abuse too. Not increasing the size of a collar as an animal grows causes injury, strangulation or death. 1 Animals need protection from the elements of outdoors to ensure their welfare and well-being. Animals need shelter to protect them from the outdoors just like humans need a house to protect us from outside. House animals grow too, you need to keep replacing it's collar or the collar will get too small and injure or kill your pet. Without regular grooming, a pet, especially a long-haired one, can get massive matting and sores. 1 If you have a long haired dog you need to get it groomed because if you do not mats will form and that can cause sores on their body. Shock collars are becoming a problem too. Electric shock dog collars are used to try to stop dogs barking. However, faulty collars, or misuse of the collars by children who know no better, or by cruel people, can cause burns, life long anxiety & great suffering to pets. Animal abuse also comes in another collar situation which is shock collars if childerent get it they could just keep pressing the button or if a adult gets it and constantly uses this on the pet the pet may become burned or even have lifelong anxiety with people. 2 Dog collars have a big factor in abuse but there are ways to abuse animals more than just physically or mentally you can

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