Animal Abuse In Life Of Pi

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The only gain that the animals earned from the use of violence was negative human attributes, which led to the collapse of their utopic society. Napoleon’s use of authoritarian tactics to govern the farm demonstrates how humans have the potential to become brutal and hurt others to acquire and protect their privileges. Such a behavior undermines and hinders the preservation of a utopic society.

In Life of Pi, Pi begins Chapter 8 with a statement: “[...] the most dangerous animal in a zoo is Man. In a general way we mean how our species’ excessive predatoriness has made the entire planet our prey” (Martel 38). He vindicates human atrocities as the excuses for survival. This also foreshadows Pi’s survival with wild animals at sea in due course and justifies all indecencies he commits during the drift, which leads to a society where murder and rivalry exist. On top of that, Pi lists the actions of animal abuse that zoo visitors committed at the Pondicherry Zoo, simply to entertain themselves and relieve stress. Such evil actions include “ [...] onanists breaking a sweat on monkeys, ponies, birds; a religious freak who cut a snake’s head off; a deranged man who took to urinating in an elk’s mouth” (Martel 39). These barbarous behaviors of tormenting the animals without any good reason is certainly nefarious and sordid,
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The animals’ aspiration to create a perfect society without humans and corruptions is demolished due to their struggle to restrain soaring greed for privileges through consolidating power, deceiving and harming one another. In spite of their efforts, their ultimate goal of creating such society remains only as a dream. Thus, it can be safely concluded that the animals’ resemblement of negative human attitudes has contributed to the destruction of their utopic
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