Animal Abuse In Our Society

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Animal Abuse Each year we lose about 1.4 million dogs, and about 1.3 million cats, Animal abuse is wrong and needs to get fixed. The reason I chose this topic is because one it’s wrong and somebody needs to make a change in our society. The reason why I liked to change this is because these animals are loving animals and they can’t speak and say how they are feeling but that does not mean that they don’t have feeling either just like us human. I believe that we as a nation, are crazy and are all heart less people…because people are out there doing drugs, stabbing, killings, raping, child abuse, abortion, and the main one is animal abuse. What we do to these animals is wrong, they have hearts just like us humans and feelings. The thing is they can’t speak which is not fair. They don’t deserve the pain or torture that us monsters put them through… just like a quote I like “Monsters aren’t real, but humans are” (stopanimalcruetly, 1). When I read this quote I feel like it says a lot to us humans as to stop our crap and get real, that this isn’t a fairy tale and can do as we please and not care, this is reality and we need to see who and what we are hurting. I did some research and found some examples of animal abuse, just in case we did not know, and the ones that came up was dog fighting, chicken fighting, racing animals, killing them for fun, all of these are a type of animals abuse in a way weather you
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