Stop Animal Cruelty

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What is animal cruelty?
It’s a human infliction of suffering or harm animals or purpose of self-defence or survival. There are two categories in which it can be divided which are neglect or intentionally cruelty.
Neglect cruelty deals with the failure to provide proper water, food, shelter or essential care, examples can be as follows starvation, dehydration, and parasite infestation and so on. Neglect can be a result of owner’s ignorance and can be rectified by law enforcement authorities.
Intentional cruelty deals with deliberate physical harm or injury on an animal, where the animals are being beaten, burned, poisoned or stabbed to death. In some cases intentional cruelty deals with people using animals as tools for commercial profit such
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It has been claimed that the ‘human education’ of children concerning school-based designed to instil pro-animal attitudes, increased levels of empathy towards animal will necessary result in increased levels of empathy for other humans’.( Thompson & Gullone( 2003) ) .
Within an empathy generalization perspective of animal treatment, the argument that human welfare should be addressed as priority is dismissed by the premise that improving them cure of animals will improve the treatment of humans. Children cruelty to animals also seems to occur more often in homes with domestic violence than in other homes, suggesting that cruelty to animals may take place in response to witnessing violence as well as being a straight victim of abuse. (Duncan et al. (2005))

Poaching is animal cruelty and Reasons why people
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Organise photographic or art competition in class entitled animal moods.

My opinion to solve the problem and My views on the essay.
I personally think to solve animal cruelty they should be charges to it for example paying fine of R2000 that will make people stop torturing animals. SPCA should go regularly to people’s houses to see how they are treating their pets and if the pet are on the healthy stage. The part of poaching animals the police should lock them up and they should be no bails allowed for sure people will be scared to do poaching they will rather not do a silly mistake and have a criminal record on their names and no one would like to hire a person with criminal record.

I personally think based on the information i got animal cruelty is done by most of the people it’s either intentionally or unintentionally but it does affect the animals in the negative way. People who are poaching animals they really do not worry about the shortage of certain animals may occur. They are ways to prevent animal cruelty but people do not really pay attention to animal
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