Animal Adoption Persuasive Speech

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Don't Shop, Adopt! Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to consider adopting a pet from a shelter instead of buying one elsewhere. Central Idea: Adopting an animal from the shelter has many benefits for not only you but also for animals. INTRODUCTION I. (Attention) Approximately 8 million animals enter shelters every year. And, roughly 2.6 million dogs and cats are killed in U.S. shelters annually. ("Statistics", n.d.) II. (Reveal Topic) Just hearing those statistics is alarming to me, this is why I feel everyone should consider adopting not shopping for pets. III. (Relevancy) My audience gaining knowledge on the benefits of adopting animals will give the audience a new perspective on where to go when looking for an animal and possibly…show more content…
This choice will make you feel better that you gave an animal a home, helped other animals and saved money. Transition: Now that I have gave you all the benefits I wanted to touch on that come with adopting not shopping, I hope you are understanding why this topic is so important to me and many others and why I want you and everyone else to use this alternative to pet stores and mills when purchasing an animal. Next, I will explain how you can adopt. IV. Let's say you are going to adopt an animal from a shelter. A. You go through with the adoption process 1. You have a healthy animal. 2. You saved yours and other animals lives. 3. You did not support puppy mills. B. You buy an animal from a pet store/ other seller. 1. You support the inhumane practice of pet stores/mills. 2. Animals in shelters are euthanized because of overcrowding. 3. Your animal lives in poor conditions that lead to health conditions. V. Adopting from a shelter is easy. A. Follow these steps and you can get your desired animal. 1. Find a humane society or other shelter in your area. 2. Pick what animal you want. 3. Visit or look online for the available pets at the shelter. 4. Meet the pet. 5. Complete adoption paperwork and pay fees. 6. Take your pet
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