Animal Amendments In 'Animal Farm' By George Orwell

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In the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, a band of animals oust their ‘tyrannistic’ master in order to live better lives. In order to do so, the animals establish an entirely new concept of living called animalism and also establish amendments in order to live by. Such amendments include those that specify all animals are equal and whatever goes on four legs is a friend and whatever goes on two legs is an enemy. As the book progresses, the animals seem to slowly fade away from obeying the commandments. For example, in the book, the pigs state that all animals are equal and then proceed to act as if they are higher than the other animals. The pigs constantly fabricate ‘lies’ into making animals believe that their somewhat treasonous actions are right. Therefore, one can infer that the animals will soon forget the importance of these amendments and result in the downfall of their reign on the farm. Furthermore, it is justified that a solid and strict set of amendments is needed for a society to prosper and remain composed. Amendments preserve and create rights and freedoms for citizens for the country, nation, state, and society. An ideal society, furthermore, should include amendments that address the needs and freedoms of the citizens and allow them to be happy. The first amendment for an ideal society is “one musft be tolerant and respectful of another’s race, religion, ethnicity, and sex. An importance and respect towards different races and ethnicities will
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