Essay On Baby Bear

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Once upon a time there was a young girl named annie. Annie loved camping and seeing the beautiful tall trees. She would always see the animals and loved it. Annie had a little stuffed animal bear that she would always bring with her everytime she went camping. When she went she wanted to see a bear and give it a hug. Everytime she went she would always wait up at the fire while her dad was down fishing to see a bear. Annie did not understand that bears could hurt someone very easily. The little girl had never told her father that she wanted to see a bear and play with it. Her father was never up at the campsite with her. He was down at the lake fishing. He had never thought that she would ever try and go up to a bear for a hug.…show more content…
She thought that her father would be distracted for long enough so she could go hug the bear. Since it always took forever to just find one fish. As she was walking up to go back to the bear she notice that all the food that was out had been taken. Then right before her eyes she saw a mamma bear, a pappa beear, and a baby bear all with her food in their mouths. Annie fell to the floor nearly fainting whenever she had seen the baby bear. The little girl could not hold herself back from going and hugging the little baby bear. When the wwo parent bears had seen Annie running towards the cub they got very protective of the cub. Annie didn't get hurt, because the three bears ran off into the woods. Annie was disappointed that she didn't get to hug the bers but she knew that there would be other chances to do so. The little girl knew that she had only 3 days left to hug a bear before she goes back home until the next time. She had to come up with a plan that would get the bears attentions quickly. Annie thought hard that night trying to figure out what her plan would be. Annie had remembered that the bears were up at her campsite only because of the delicious
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