Animal Captivity Benefits

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Animal captivity costs outweigh the benefits, and the violation of the rights of the individual animals is unjustifiable. Animals everywhere are being taken into captivity on a daily basis for the sole purpose of entertainment and education. Societies opinions of how zoos treat animals and their opinions of whether or not animals should be held in captivity is a common topic in today’s media but yet; hundreds of animals are still dying every year as zoos are still one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. Zoo captivity physically and mentally harms the well-being of animals in more ways than people derive. Solely, there are thousands of pieces of textual evidence and statistics that explain the prime reasons zoos should be abolished entirely. Psychologically being held in a small confined area for years on end can cause eating disorders, depression, anxiety,…show more content…
There is a plethora of reasons people visit zoos, they allow curious customers the chance to submerge themselves in a foreign environment filled with species they wouldn 't see in an average day. But, animal captivity costs outweigh the benefits, and the violation of the rights of the individual animals is unjustifiable and purely unethical. Being born into zoos and dying in zoos effects wild animals physically and emotionally. They were not made to be watched every hour of everyday and kept in small confined artificial habitats, and these small factors alone end up being lethal for many unfortunate animals. By having knowledge of the gruesome events zoo animals endure, and taking initiative to speak out and spread the word about the topic of how zoos negatively affect the mentality and physical well being of animals, potentially it can open the minds and eyes of peers. Which could end confined zoo conditions and possibly even zoo captivity entirely, which is the ultimate goal. No living species should have to live their life and potentially die in a cage, tank or enclosure being observed
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