Animal Captivity Essay

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Opinion Essay Animal captivity Animal captivity has a huge problem all over the world, and especially at sea worlds, but I believe that this phenomenon will benefit the society. I agree that animal captivity should be banned from sea worlds. Therefore it has been risky for trainers to train the whales at sea world because of what these whales have done to trainers in the past, for example; killing their trainers, and injuring them. In order to stop that there should be protests about how dangerous it is for animals and trainers who are risking their lives to train whales, so there should be an end to animal captivity. My first visit to sea world wasn’t that good of an experience because of what I saw for example; I saw over 20-30 beluga whales all in one small tank swimming around, and they were most likely dealing with health issues, and most were possibly blind by the chlorine in the water which affects the whales because whales…show more content…
Whatever the commercial shows doesn’t mean that animals actually look like that when you pay and go see it in person, so instead of wasting your money and time on seeing animals in captivity you could either go against or protest for animal captivity to be able to shut down sea worlds, or ban animal captivity from any animals that are mistreated in captive. One positive thing about animal captivity is that breeding new baby’s although it can possibly be an endangered species, but it is still dangerous and risky for animals to be kept in captivity. There could possibly be a repopulation for an endanger species again, but it will most likely be kept in captive as well, or sent to a different facility for training for any type of

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