Animal Caretaker Career Paper

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“You can not do this job and not be an animal lover.” Kenton Kerns. As an animal caretaker, I would have to work with animals, it would be perfect` because of my love for animals. The animal caretaking career was chosen for me because, I love working with animals, being outside rain or shine, and being active on my feet. I am interested in pursuing a career as an animal caretaker because of its challenging working conditions, numerous responsibilities, and stressful career preparation. Although there are many types of animal caretakers, the most common type is for house pets or indoor animals. An animal caretaker is a person who takes care animals for a living, for example they feed, bathe, and walk the animal or pet. Employers hire animal…show more content…
There are some required courses for education skills but not many. They will need a high school diploma, and some experience with animals. Animal caretakers at entry level are earning around sixteen to twenty thousand dollars per year. They have some responsibilities, but not as many as the higher levels have. Entry level attendants need to clean cages, feed animals, keep some records, and walk some animals. Further in the animal caretaker career path, the title will change to animal caretaker. To get the title animal caretaker, they will have to have experience in the entry level, and have good experience with animals. There are also more responsibilities when given this title. They will have to put animals down, breed, train, take care of the animals, and keep records. Animal caretakers are expected to earn twenty to thirty two thousand dollars per year. After the title animal caretaker title, they can get the title manager and/or owner. There are many years of training for this title, and they need to have to gone to management training school. In this title, they still take care of animals and do all of the other tasks the levels before did. At this level, they also manage programs, and watch their employees. The career animal caretaking is not all work, there are many good benefits. If the animal caretaker gets sick or goes on vacation, they will still get paid. They normally earn eight to fifteen dollars per hour. If they are self-employed , their earnings may vary. The amount of money animal caretakers make also depends on if they work with house pets or zoo animals. Most animals caretakers are also provided with health care too. If an animal caretaker is looking for a job, they have a good chance of getting one. There are at least two hundred annual job openings, and the job opening rate has gone up by thirteen
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