Animal Cruelty Around The World

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Animal cruelty happens all over the world. To me and many others, when people beat animals or even starve them it is considered animal cruelty. Even tieing them up with a big, heavy chain is mean because they have to carry all that weight just to get up and move. No animal should have to go through an experience like that. Animals should be treated like part of the family. Abusing an animal has long lasting effects on them. The animal will have a hard time trusting again and may even become violent. The animal may have difficulty with everyday activities depending on how badly they were abused. If the beating or starvation never stop, the animal will eventually end up dieing. Just because an animal is being beat doesn’t mean it is doing something…show more content…
There are a lot of things that can be done to help them trust again. Just give them time to get used to their surroundings and reassure them that they won’t get treated like that again. Give them treats and tell them that they are good. Give the animal a lot of positive attention. The animal will eventually warm up to you and come around you more. Let the animal know that they don’t have to be afraid anymore, that it is okay to be around people. If you notice an animal that is getting abused or neglected contact your local cops. If the cops don’t do anything then try calling the humane society. If you see a dog or cat in the pound then maybe try to help it find a new home. We don’t know the stories of what has happened to an animal in the shelters. Get the word out that there are animals in the shelter that could use a loving and caring home. To me, dog fighting is considered animal cruelty. People force dogs to fight even if the dog doesn 't want to. They try to get their dogs as mean as possible so that the dogs is a better fighter. They usually fight the dogs until one of them kills the other. Even though dogfighting is illegal it still happens everywhere. Animal cruelty needs to be stopped and the people need to be punished for doing
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