Animal Cruelty In Factory Farming

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unable to move. In close captivity, it is a feeding ground for disease and other illness that can contaminate other animals and consumers. Those individuals who are exposed to this environment are at risk of dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli. Factory farming is a method where animals are kept in an unnatural environment to stimulate more meat and egg production. Per Journal of Animal Ethics written by Drew Leder, Leder introduces the topic of animal cruelty found in factory farms. The article discusses how the culture views these animals as “machine,” fed and breed for human consumption. Factory farms serve a purpose of providing mass-production and consumption for the food industry (Leder, 2012). There is evidence of overcrowding and animal alterations that often led to stress and other abnormal behaviors.…show more content…
Factory farms breed for more desirable traits to satisfy human’s demands. Leder provides an example of how factory farms could manipulate the genetic information of chicken to breed for large-breasted “white meat” chickens. Not only is factory farming harming animals, it is also harming humans. Factory farms’ waste runoff into our environment and can harm those in the proximity with various diseases and other dangerous side effects. The treatment of these animals arises the ethical concern of the human-animal relationship- to respect the community and understand environmental sustainability. Animal alterations is a method often used for the benefit of factory farms. In the poultry industry, beak trimming or ‘debeaking’ is an animal husbandry practice where parts of the bird’s beak are removed. Beak trimming is performed in the effort to prevent other injuries to neighboring birds (Poultry Hub, 2017). Animal alterations such as beak trimming is found in factory farms to prevent injuries and cannibalism amongst the neighboring
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