Animal Cruelty In Factory Farms

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Over the years the issues of animal cruelty in factory farms have become a major problem, because of the thriving meat industry. The issues regarding animal cruelty are important because it concerns fundamental moral and economic questions in respect to the way animals are treated, before being brutally slaughtered and later consumed by Americans daily. The topic of animal cruelty raises multiple differing arguments, many concerning religion or possibly a person's geological location in the world. By considering the arguments made by people who think animal cruelty to be morally acceptable, and researching the verified practices taking place on factory farms today, it will be clear that in the United States Animal cruelty is a cruel and unnecessary…show more content…
I constantly hear things, such as God put meat on Earth for the sole purpose being that we eat them, or how we would not be able to survive without the protein from meat. In Genesis 9:3 it states “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you, and as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”(open bible) It is safe to say, at the time Genesis was written there was no other way to get the necessary nutrients our bodies needed, without the consumption of meat. Today, however; we are given choices and have the ability to eat in a way that gives our bodies what it needs to survive, without the need to kill and consume animals. We know so much more now, and with our ability to trade crops with other countries and our unlimited access to such basic foods, like fruits and vegetables, usually being able to go to a grocery store to get what we need with no problems. Many Americans are oblivious to the fact that the protein we need can and does come from plants we eat, deeming it unnecessary to eat as much animal protein as Americans do. The point that we need excessive amounts of protein to live is stretching the truth a bit. Depending on where you live in the world, it may not be as easy to access fruits and vegetables year long, making it necessary for those people to consume more animal product. In the Arctic, where there is not an abundance of plant based resources, game meat is extremely necessary. Killing animals is the only way for these people, living in uncontrollably cold climates, to get the nutrients needed to survive. Even a local admits that a diet consisting of more fruits and vegetables is ideal and much healthier, he states that it is best for people who have access to such plentiful resources, but it is no option for him.(Washington Post) Based on these statements, there is still no excuse for these

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