Animal Cruelty In Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels

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The dogs of Michael Vick’s “Bad Newz Kennels” knew their life was awful. They suffered daily, never knowing when their owner would take a disliking to them or when they were going to do so terribly during a fight that they were executed. It was a stressful time for the dogs as none of them wanted to die. The girl dogs were getting raped half the time and their puppies were sentenced to a life of constant fighting and death. Other dogs were tortured to build endurance and strength for the fights they were forced to participate in. There was no love for these dogs as their fate seemed to only hold darkness and hate(Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick).Dog fighting is a worldwide crime that includes gambling, animal cruelty and horrible futures.Even though many say that a dog is their property, dog fighting is a horrible, cruel sport that should have a harsher punishment because it is animal cruelty and was made by cruel, heartless people who deserve to die a tragic death.

Fighting dog owners usually try to save themselves by claiming that ‘the dog is their property, they can do what they want”.As a dog is –technically- one’s property, this claim does have some truth to it..A fighting dog owner usually pays or adopts the dog, so the dog would be considered legal propertySome people have anger management and this helps them.Some
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They got care and Michael Vick were given two charges from the federal government for his crimes against dogs(Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick).Dog fighting is a nation-wide crime that needs to be put to an end.If one would like to dog fight, why not pick up a legal hobby instead? Some suggestions include: Knitting, running, tennis, stamp collecting, golfing, but absolutely no dogfighting! It is an awful “sport” created by evil people who should get more of a punishment than a slap on the

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