Animal Cruelty In Zoos And Aquariums

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Animal cruelty is becoming an issue that is too big to ignore. It can be defined as neglect or the infliction of pain or suffering towards animals. One might notice that this is an issue that is becoming more common in zoos and aquariums. These places can be wonderful for the animals, but can also portray an awful life for the captive animals. No animal should have to go through the pain and stress that many are suffering through. For the rest of the places, animals need to be returned to or left in their natural habitats.
Zoos are often viewed as fun and entertaining due to the different kinds of animals. They are always showing off, looking happy and healthy. What one may not notice is what happens behind the scenes, or maybe in plain sight. …show more content…

They were keeping it in a walk-in freezer alongside other test subjects. It was in the room where they prepared their zoo animal’s meals. It was also roommates with horse pieces that people had euthanized and donated to the zoo as animal food. It was as if they had no respect anymore for the captive animal that they sacrificed for cruel reasons (Parker).
At the very least, zoo directors were outraged at the news of both of these public dissections. The directors are fighting against the confusing oddity of the situations. They have brought up that these acts show arguable unkindness. They have also brought up that these actions are displaying the fact that these animals are being restricted from doing what they are born to do. Hunting, breeding, and exploring are all taken away when animals are captured for zoos (Parker).
All of these stories can show one the behind the scenes of zoos and aquariums. The zoos do not have to be cruel but some choose to be. On the other hand, there are beautiful places out there for animals to be safe and comfortable. The cruelty needs to be stopped so that animals do not have to be in pain anymore. Zoos need to become rehabilitation centers or a safe place for endangered species if they cannot change their cruel

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