Animal Cruelty Research Paper

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Animal Cruelty

Animals have been on this earth since God first created it. They have lived and walked among men since. But today, it seems that people have started caring less and less for them. There are so many animals on the street without homes, without love, or a family. Animals are being sent to slaughterhouses or taken to the middle of nowhere without the necessities they need to survive. They are left in small stalls in the middle of the desert without food or water, standing there to die. They end up becoming very underweight and starving to death, literally. Dogs and cats are seen running the streets so malnutritious and abused. They are thrown out on the streets to be somebody else 's business to pick up. Animals in amusement
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I have been coming to this place, Horses Unlimited Rescue and Education Center, since the beginning of the summer and I love it. Their goal is to rescue horses, bring them back to great health, and adopt them out to new, loving homes. Being able to help out there is so amazing because I get to see what it is like for these animals and the positions that they come in. They are found very skinny and malnutritious from all over. There have been some rescued horses that were found in stalls in the middle of the desert with no food or water for who knows how long. Others had belonged to an owner that just did not care for them anymore and they became very thin and were very underfed. We had five horses a while back that belonged to a man that had them standing in stalls full up to their knees in their own manure. He payed very little attention to them and called them all “horsey”, instead of giving them real names. One of these horses was found in a stall surrounded by the bones of horses that had died around him and he was the one in the worst state of all five. Surrounding the property were horse paddocks full of horse carcuses being eaten by the very many dogs seen around the property as well. They were not being fed either, and that was the only food that these dogs were getting. The environment that these animals were in was horrible. I do not understand how people can just sit there, go through life, and watch as animals such as

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