Animal Cruelty: The Use Of Animals For Entertainment

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Animal Cruelty: The Use of Animals for Entertainment In 2011, Greyhound trainer Robbie Williams was arrested for the deaths of 37 greyhounds (Kitzmiller). They were starved to death just weeks after the racing season was over (Kitzmiller). Due to events like these, people all over the world are wondering if the use of animals for entertainment includes the awful act of animal cruelty. Many may argue that the use of animals for entertainment is ok because it is what the animals were born to do (ProQuest Staff); however,the use of animals for entertainment is not okay and constitutes animal cruelty because the animals are not getting the care they need, and the animals are suffering. The people in support of using animals for entertainment…show more content…
After racing season anything can happen to racing greyhounds, or any other animal used for racing. For example, in Florida “no procedures are established by the state for inspections between the end of racing season and the deadline trainers have for removing their animals from the track”(Kitzmiller). An issue that occurs quite often is that the animals are not receiving the care they require. “A bleeding bear reportedly suffers in a roadside zoo cage without veterinary care for two full weeks before officials step in and require euthanasia”(Rubber). Yes, there are laws in place that were put in place to protect the animals, but they do little for the animals. An example of a law is the Animal Welfare Act which requires that the animals get provided food, water, and shelter (Rubber). It does little for the caged animal though because there isn’t many regulations it makes for their cages and doesn’t ban bullhooks or whips (Rubber). Another issue is that once the animals grow old, or are deemed useless, because of an injury or loss, then their career or life is over. Kathy Guillermo states in her article “Eight Belles Should Sound for the End of Horse Racing” that the injured horses “the ones who are not euthanized on the track, as Eight Belles was, face a different kind of death. Most of them wind up as the main course on a European dinner table. The years of running are rewarded with a…show more content…
The suffering begins in the early stages of trainings. The owners attach spring poles from a tree and to the dog to strengthen its jaws (Simpson). Then they get thick heavy chains tied around their neck, which they will wear for the rest of their lives (Simpson). If the dogs refuse to fight, lose a fight, or are deemed unworthy they will be put to death (Kalof). The methods used to kill these dogs range from a fight to the death and a bullet to the brain, to hangings and electrocution (Kalof). The dogs participating in these fights aren’t the only ones made to suffer though. Small animals, such as cats or even small dogs, are used during training for bait (Gallery). More often than not, these animals are stolen out of a family’s back yard (Gallery). This isn’t as bad as it gets though, it can get a lot worse.These events become family activities that kids of any age are encouraged into. Young kids are brought along to spectate and join in on the “fun” as a type of initiation

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