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Have you ever thought that animals live the perfect life? They get free food, water, shelter, and toys with no effort. Sadly, many animals lives are taken or destroyed by animal neglect/abuse. I am here to show how many animals have terrible lives from bad owners or homes. A big issue issue on animal abuse is animal cruelty towards dogs. One crime that still fools people is the puppy mill. There are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. alone each breeding upwards of 200 dogs a year. They trick people in the cruelest way, as they sell sick or vicious puppies to unknowing victims. Puppy mills are terrible for many reasons. First, they often kill dogs that get sick or hurt instead of treating them. Also, they give…show more content…
Also, this affects humans because the animals they get can be sick or vicious. There are inhumane euthanizations on dissection animals(for schools), bad life for food animals, and torture for dogs and cats. A undercover Peta reporter went to a dissection company reported that they were using inhumane ways of killing the lab animals like drowning and pumping latex into live animals. Here is a conversation between the reporter and a worker: [Undercover reporter] “So they are frozen when they come in, but sometimes they wake up?” [worker] “Yea’ if they’re live, we freeze ‘em then sometimes they come back to life after that.” [undercover reporter] “oh my god, how often does that happen?” [worker] “Not that often, but sometimes it does. It’s pretty F**king cool.” (Hugo, Kristin**). They were charged for 25 accounts of animal cruelty. This is important because the company, Bio-tech , was a respectable biological supplier to many schools. This shows how animal cruelty can be discreet and hard to see. To conclude, animal abuse effects all animals, not just neglected…show more content…
Most police stations have ways for people to file things anonymously. Also, you can donate to PETA or The Humane Society and help stop animal abuse. Also, when getting a dog, do not give puppy mills your business. The dogs may be cheaper, but they are normally sick or vicious from months of terror. This makes puppy mills even worse, because if they are sick or vicious they get put down and it is not their fault. To sum up, report animal abuse if you see it, or avoid puppy

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