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For centuries, animals have been a source of entertainment for humans. People have animals as pets, and animals appear in many places such as circuses and zoos. The first zoo to ever be recorded was in 3500 B.C. in Egypt, and the the first circus was said to be around 2 B.C.E. in Rome. Since the earliest times, people think that using animals is very fascinating and enjoyable to watch. Still today, animals are used in a lot of different attractions. Even though there are many people that are amused by it, there are many researchers and analysts who find it to be very wrong- the animals are put into danger, and their lives are ruined. A very good way to understand this topic is by putting it in the historical perspective, giving examples of…show more content…
According to Bob Brooke from the History Magazine, the circus came to the US on April 3rd, 1793. Bob Brooke has been writing for the History Magazine for many years, and he has produced over 4,000 articles and 14 books. He said that the only animal used for the first circus was a horse, ridden by an English equestrian rider, John Bill Ricketts. The horse was the only animal in US circuses for a very long time until the 1800s, when an elephant was brought in from another country (Brooke). After centuries of animals performing in circuses, it has been discovered that the animals are being abused behind the scenes. Despite how much it looks like the handlers and animals get along and interact during the show, animal abuse is very common within circuses behind the scenes. According to Marian R. Merritt, circuses have used animals such as elephants, horses, lions, monkeys, bears, and tigers for centuries, and animal welfare groups are very upset about how circuses treat animals. They say the animals are treated very badly, being forced to spend long hours in small cages or chained to the ground. Marianne R. Merritt is an author and attorney who specializes in animal law, and she works on issues involving animals in entertainment. Also, in an article the by the Humane Society of the United States, states many examples of how animals are abused within circuses. First, Circus training methods include food deprivation and…show more content…
Since the earliest times in history, animals have been used in circuses, zoos, and many more places to entertain humans and make them happy. Little do people know, many of these animals are abused behind the scenes, some even beaten to death. There have been many instances in history where abuse has occurred, and more events like these are going to continue if people don’t make a change. It is not morally just to use live animals as display, as many animals are harmed, and don’t get a chance to live a normal life as their own species

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