Animal Essay: Animal Cruelty And Captivity

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Animal Cruelty and Captivity
Animals kept in zoos, aquariums, and circuses are treated poorly by humans. They inevitably suffer from disease, pain, starvation, and fear so they will perform seamlessly for the public. The pets are forced by their owners to carry out pointless tricks and performances and are almost always deprived of their normal behavior (Aquariums and Marine Parks). Animals are ripped away from their families and out of their natural habitat by zoo, aquarium, and circus workers and usually do not live their full lifespan due to the mental and physical abuse that comes from the captive place they reside in (Aquariums and Marine Parks). Performing animals are injected with various drugs because their natural behavior interferes with the entertainment they are meant to showcase. Animals do not belong in tanks, cages, or exhibits and should not be treated with such poor care and neglect. People should not visit zoos, aquariums, or circuses.
Wild orcas and dolphins spend their life swimming far distances every day and when in captivity, they are only allowed to swim in tiny circles (Aquariums and Marine Parks). The two mammals communicate and
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The circus may be fun to watch, but the animal treatment is very cruel and harsh. Ninety-six percent of animals that belong to the circus spend their whole lives in cages and chains (Enjoying the Circus?). Occasionally, the animal is allowed out of its contained space, but it will face brutal punishment if it engages in natural behavior. Sleeping and eating are also difficult for the animals. They are placed in small containers that lack temperature control and are constantly traveling and moving. While traveling, the animals are often denied food and water until a certain destination is reached (Enjoying the Circus?). Starvation and motion sickness plague most of the animals while on their road trip to a new
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