Animal Essay: Ethical Treatment Of Animals

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Matthew Garcia
Mr. Garza english iv, 4th period
9 feb, 2018

Ethical Treatment Of Animals

Animal cruelty has done a lot to our society and has put many animals in very tough situations. Even some pets are treated cruel for no good reason. This problem must be taken care of and abolished. We as the human race need to give a helping hand. Due to genetic modification and manipulation, 90% of broiler chickens have trouble standing and walking. more than 50% of the worlds skins and fur comes from china and is often mislabeled, meaning the fur you buy could be a completely different animal.More than 115 million animals are killed in laboratory experiments every year for chemical,
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Meat is a very delicious and consumed by many people throughout the world. But if we can all stop eating meats the food/meat industry will lose money and be forced to cut back on killings due to lack of products being bought. It may seem like a long shot but this method could work. It’ll make animals suffer less and you will also be healthier than before. PETA has done many things to help this cause thrive. PETA has helped pass many laws to help treat animals in the food business better. They have also helped many animal abuse cases reach the surface of the media, to make people on on board with there cause. They helped shut down a laboratory in 1981 that was abusing monkeys in test, such as locking them up and binding them down with metal and injecting them with poisonous injections. This was the first ever police raid of a laboratory and one step to stop this absurd use of animals. The ethical treatment of animals is a topic/problem that could possibly never end due to the human race and our view on animals, but it can be reduced and dealt with if we keep helping and fighting for animals rights. We must keep protecting these animals because someday there will be to many species extinct and after that it is very possible that we could become extinct. let’s fight the good fight and stop abusing

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