Animal Essay: Extinct Animals

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Extinct Animals Do you think people should try to save animals that are going extinct? Some people think we should cut down trees in jungles and build over habitats. I think people should take knowledge about all the animals that are extinct because of this.Animals are going extinct because of lots of thing such as pollution, and I think cutting down trees in jungles is wrong because those animals need that place to live and, because we are losing about 24 species of animals a day due to other things such as pollution and introduced species. Animals are going extinct because of habitat loss, pollution and introduced species and many more things. Due to greed for land, animals are losing habitats and then going extinct. Animals are losing habitats such as jungles and their homes in the ocean. They are losing these places because people are cutting down jungles and sea animals are losing their homes because of pollution. 2 Animals go extinct because of pollution.Lots of animals go extinct to pollution both land and water pollution. Mostly because of the things we put in the air. We also dump things in oceans and stuff like that and the animals that used to live there have died. 3 Animals are going extinct because of introduced species.The animals that we are introducing into areas where they´re not supposed to be is killing the animals that live there. The animals that actually live in that area are dying because there is nothing to kill this introduced species off. So this
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