Animal Experimentation: The Argument Against Animal Testing

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These days, many companies use a variety of methods for product development and stability verification. One of them, animal experimentation, has been a controversial issue in the past until now and it has also confronted with various reactions in regards to its admissibility. We need to respect and cherish the dignity of animals. They are, like humans, are entitled to basic needs and their way of life should not be intervened and determined by human beings. Also, animal experiments are an act of looking at animals and ignoring their basic rights as living beings. However, animal experiments completely neglect these aspects. This being so, it sometimes even leads to the argument of animal cruelty. Do you know how many animals are being killed by the test? According to the research, more than 100 million animals are used in experiments each year and around 12 million animal experimentations are conducted in Europe alone each year. Numerous animal species such as cats, dogs,…show more content…
Animal testing costs a huge sum of money. Because, the animals have to be fed, housed and cared. It also costs to use and maintain the experiment equipment. According to the Europe research, it costs approximately 800 EUR to perform the test for just one animal. In America, the government spends more than 14.5 billion per year on animal experimentation. Also, the cost for researching one drug is estimated to between 500 million and 1.2 billion dollars. Therefore, if it is failed at any of the stages, it makes enormous loss. Also, animal testing could have more than once and even it could take years. It means that additional expenses will be generated during the experiment. Moreover, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 56.4 million dollars of government fund wasted the result of failure animal experiments. Even the cost of animal experimentations is more expensive than alternative methods. Nevertheless, there are some companies that feed and purchase animals for
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