Animal Factory Research Paper

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COMMODITY: ANIMALS IN FACTORIES Animals should have the right to live a normal life as much as humans do. “When animal factories developed in the early 1970s” (Mason and Singer, 1990) people started to benefit more from the animals. Everyday we eat fresh meat, buy fur clothes but we are ignoring the fact of how these products are produced and coming in our hands, and what millions of animals are going through in these factories. The animals are stuffed inside cages and put in a violent and polluted environment. The truth behind these factories should be exposed, because people should know that it is getting out of control and it is affecting and damaging our environment and human health daily in a bad way. There are many other ways we can benefit…show more content…
coli, mad cow disease and salmonella. Most factories do not care about the quality of meat they produce and that’s why many people around the world are infected by E. coli, and this disease comes from a polluted meat and can cause acute kidney failure. Every year thousands of people die in the US from E. coli which made the scientist do a research and in the article “Modern diseases on the rise of factory farming) it’s mentioned that “the scientist tested over one thousand meats from different factories and they were shocked that 60 percent of this meat is polluted and can cause E. coli” (Geer,2014). The second disease is the mad cow disease and both humans and cows are infected by this disease. This disease happens to cows when they are fed a dead Sheep mixed with straw, and human can get this disease if they eat a cow that used to have mad cow disease. the last disease is salmonella, which is one of the most dangerous disease that can infect both humans and animals and it’s caused by animal waste. According to Geer (2014) “over one million cases of salmonella deaths happened in the US alone.” Moreover, Millions of animals in factories around the world are treated cruelly and abused to death. Animals in factories are often trapped and stuffed in small and tiny cages without lights that stops them from lying down, sleeping or…show more content…
Consumers have the right to convince these factories that their cruel actions towards animals is against humanity. Stopping animal factories is not the right way to stop this unbelievably violence, because it will be hard to produce meat or other things that human can benefit from. The most effective way is to stop buying from the factories, which will make the owners of these factories know what they are doing wrong and how their cruel actions is affecting our environment in a bad way. There is no law protect the animals that are raised in factories, which is why most consumers see animals as machines and ignoring the fact that they are creatures that have
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