Animal Farm: Air Assignment: Animal Farm

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Animal Farm: AIR Assignment Alyssa Pancho Characters: Napoleon: A large boar who gets his desires by manipulation. Serving as the main antagonist, he is one of the leaders after the overthrow of Mr. Jones. When arguing with Snowball, he wants to increase production on the farm. After chasing Snowball away, Napoleon becomes the only leader, and later decides to build the windmill Snowball thought of. He also manages to manipulate humans to help him get more supplies. Snowball: Napoleon 's rival and originally the co-leader of the farm during the Rebellion. He was the one who had first proposed the idea of building a windmill. After the other farm animals agree, Napoleon sends guard dogs to chase him away. After the windmill was built and destroyed, Napoleon blames him for vandalizing it. Squealer: A small pig who helps Napoleon achieve his goals. Just as manipulative as Napoleon, he manages to assure everyone by claiming that the pigs and horses need more supplies and food in order to increase production. He is able to manipulate events and words to make Napoleon look like a good leader. Mr Jones: A heavy drinker and the former owner of the farm. The animals revolt against him because he drinks too much and hardly takes care of the animals. The farm animals decide that it is time to rebel against him after forgetting to feed them. Old Major: An aged boar that inspires the animals to create a farm run by animals. The Rebellion is carried out, but as he died three days
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