Summary Of Animal Farm By George Orwell

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1. A. George Orwell was a British writer, journalist and critic. He is one of the most admired English-language writers of the 20th century. Best known are the two works he wrote towards the end of his life: Animal Farm and 1984. The sharp charges against Stalinism and totalitarianism. B. The book was published on the 17th of August in 1945 C. The book was written during World War II and was published in 1945, although it was not widely known until the late 50s. Nowadays it is considered a classic. 2. A. Just before he died, Old Major – the oldest pig from the farm –called all farm animals together, he told them that the they are being suppressed by the humans. He tries to start a revolution. Through the words from Old Major are the eyes …show more content…

The less intelligent animals have for example not realised that the swine add conditions to the rules of Animalism, work in their favour. Animal Farm begins increasingly to resemble a dictatorship where the less intelligent animals working for the more intelligent animals, just as all animals that initially did for the people. The pigs begin to behave more human. At one point they even begin to walk on two legs, while one of the first rules of Animalism was that everything on two legs was the enemy. That change is really visible when Napoleon 'traitors ' openly off late slaughter by his dogs. Animals should always work harder and longer, get less and less to eat and have it getting worse, while pigs and dogs are increasingly more luxurious life and thicken. A lot of animals are mercilessly executed there when it appears that they do not comply fully with the rules of the pigs, or if they …show more content…

He is the leader of the farm. He is very powerful, allowing the animals to listen to him. Napoleon has much to say and therefore changes the commands. Therefore he can smoke, drink, sleep in a bed, wearing human clothes and unfairly treat other animals, even as his "slave." He looks like a pig, but he tries to do as much as possible humanoid and he succeeds quite well. A big change he makes is that he does not follow the rules, and therefore can do whatever he wants. D. The theme is power and the abuse of power. E. The tone of the novel is for the most part objective: the dogs tore their throats out. 3. A. The title of the book fits very well with the story. It is an easy to read book with a good clear as no boring passages, but not exciting. The piece when Mr. Jones and his workmen coming back to the farm to take it back, I found one of the most exciting moments from the book. The story has many sad moments, especially when Boxer gets sick. Ultimately, it was a fun book to read, because the story gives a good description of many revolutions in the past, at the same ended. B. I think that it’s not about the writer if you want to read another novel of him, it depends on the theme the book is in, if it is about a fun theme I would say I like to read another book from him, but if it’s about a boring theme I would say

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