Animal Farm And The Truman Show Essay

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Both Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir, have very similar views on topics like power and the corruption of authority, the ideal life and society and even the significance of self in our vast world. Animal Farm follows the rise and fall of Soviet Russia as depicted through animals, the novel is one of the greatest uses of figurative writing and accurately portrays humanity's flaws in a system as well as individually. Truman Show is about a man who discovers his entire life is a TV show and that all he has known in his perfect world is fabricated. Both articles share similar views on what our world is and what it should be in terms of a perfect life, society, or government.

“The Good Life” by definition is the ideal life, a life everyone wants, wishes, works and aspires to have. The Good Life is an achievement that can never be truly achieved without hard work and personal sacrifice. This idea is seen continuously in both Animal Farm and Truman Show. In Truman Show, the audience watching in from outside Seahaven always see Truman’s life as the ideal and they constantly aspire to be apart of that “white-picket fence” reality (as indicated in the cutaway scenes of the audience and even the “gate-crashers” on the “Truman Show” set). Whereas Truman’s idea
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Author of Animal Farm, George Orwell and director of Truman Show, Peter Weir use figurative and metaphorical undertones to express a deeper message in both forms. Both men depict a good life as one of hard work and dedication, the ideal society as practically unachieveable by humans as we are always swayed by personal convictions and the abused power of individuals is seemingly the source of injustice, elitism and prejudice in our society. Truman Show and Animal Farm are criticisms of our world that Weir and Orwell use to convey very similar messages to their separate
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