Animal Farm Book Review Essay

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Animal Farm Book Review Reading the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, I realised the power of ignorance especially among the masses and the ability of influential leaders to prey on and exploit the masses. The book is about some farm animals, who under the inspiration of Old Major, an old pig, led a revolution against their human caretakers because of the ills they perceived the humans had done to them. They allow the leadership of the pigs under the reign of Napoleon, the sly, scheming pig of them all and ironically, the pigs get greedy and treat the other farm animals just as they were all treated by the humans. There have been many book reviews that link the book to the earlier versions of communism and Marxism. The topic of ignorance caught…show more content…
From our class visitor Rosina Acheampong, a former headmistress of Wesley Girls’ High School, I learnt one key lesson about servant leadership: as a leader, it is not about where you are placed; you should be influential enough to cause change irrespective of where you are placed. It is not about the place, it is about you and your capacity. The stories she shared illustrated her strong sense of character. There is the story about the village school she was sent to work, where the male students disrespected the female students for a myriad of reasons. She as a servant leader, committed to the growth of the people who she serves, organised programs to teach the female students basic life skills, including personal hygiene and this transformed the girls into confident and attractive young women who were valued and respected by the male students. She moved on into Wesley Girls High School to meet defiant girls who had destroyed the discipline that the school has stood for over the years. Again, she was able to bring the girls back on track and earned so much respect and admiration from them. She moved higher into the Ghana Education Service and there, she fought against and eradicated corruption there with her attention to
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