Animal Farm Character Analysis

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Animal Farm is an allegorical dystopian satire about animals in a farm who staged an uprising against their human owner. It is written by George Orwell and is published for the first time in England, August 17th 1945. Animal Farm is one of the author’s best known works other than 1984, which won him the prestigious Hugo Award in 1996. The novella (short novel) was written by Orwell from November 1943 to February 1944 during World War II as a critic to the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. Orwell uses the book’s main antagonist, a pig called Napoleon, to depict Stalin and the horrors of a totalitarian government. However, since America and the United Kingdom created an alliance with Soviet Union during that period, the book foresaw some troubles in its publication at first. Thankfully, it instantly became popular after its publication, as the Cold War followed immediately after World War II and the public was more exposed to the atrocity of Stalin’s regime. The central character in Animal Farm is ironically its main villain, Napoleon the pig, who acts as the metaphor for Joseph Stalin and in the beginning leads a revolution against the owner of the farm he and his animal friends reside in, Mr. Jones. At first, Napoleon stresses on the equality of all animals and addresses human beings as animal’s worst enemies. However, as the story progresses, Napoleon starts to fall for his own greed for more power. As a result, he starts to contradict his earlier
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