Compare And Contrast Animal Farm By George Orwell

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How do authors come up with the stories that they write? George Orwell, the creator of Animal Farm, based his book on the time period he was living through, the Russian Revolution. After the success of the book, the allegorical novel was adapted into a film. The works follow the same line most of the time, but the audience can view a few significant differences between the novel and film. Orwell and the director of the film, both picked how the material would be portrayed to the audience. The sections that need to be examined between the book and the film are Jessie, Napoleon, theme, central idea, use of audio, and endings. In the book, Jessie was one of the three dogs on the farm. She was a secondary character that wasn't discussed very…show more content…
Orwell denounced the aspect of power in totalitarian governments. After the Rebellion, the pigs guarantee equal rules and make everyone work together. Over time, Napoleon and Squealer become cruel tyrants who take the power of the farm and slowly return the farm to the initial condition of totalitarianism. The power is proved to be too much for the pigs, who begin to create small privileges for themselves. The privileges expand into huge advantages and corruption. However, Orwell doesn’t just imply that the pigs are the only cause for the collapse, but also the characters whose attitudes allowed Napoleon to triumph. The two main followers being Boxer and the sheep. Boxer continued to elucidate the other animals that Napoleon was always right (Orwell 25). He continued to control the animals even when they began to question Napoleon’s actions. The sheep helped the other animals understand that all creatures that had four legs were better than two-legged creatures (Orwell 50). The other animals were just as naive, and because of this, they believed everything Napoleon said. They were too ignorant to question or examine their situation on the farm. The animals are unable and unwilling to act against him, which allowed them to suffer even more at the command of Napoleon. The audiences understand the impact a working class has on its society and the disadvantages…show more content…
In Orwell’s novel, the pigs corrupted the entire farm and brought the farm to its old ways. The other animals were outside the farmhouse looking in the window, but the problem was they couldn’t tell the difference between human and pig (Orwell 124). The pigs started treating the other animals with the same treatment Mr. Jones had. Animal Farm had become Manor Farm all over again. The audience throughout the book could sense the ending being miserable for the animals. However, the director of the film created a different take on the ending. After the death of Boxer, Jessie found a place the animals could go to get away from the farm, where they would be saved from Napoleon (Animal Farm). After the death of Napoleon, the animals returned to the farm. The animals saw what had become of their old home, how the pigs destroyed everything they wanted to become. They made a packed to never let anything like what they experienced happen again. The ending of the film has the audience hoping for a new beginning for the
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