Old Major's Speech In Animal Farm

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All the animals on the farm, each of different social classes are discontented with the way the farm is being run. While all of the animals are different in one way or another, whether it be intelligence, physical strength or attitude, they are all willing to join in the fight. Old Major himself states that “weak or strong, clever or simple, we are all brothers”(11), referring to how each animal must support each other in order to rebel against the humans. The idea of supporting others shows the discontent of all the animals and how a singular issue on the farm can impact every animal. Also, if the animals are fighting against each other, it is impossible for them to express their disdain for the humans as they cannot successfully cooperate…show more content…
Jones, does not respond to the needs of his animals, only providing them with the bare minimum for life while giving himself and his wife multiple luxuries. When Old Major is convincing the animals that all men are evil, he indicates the selfish nature of humans by stating that “man serves the interests of no creature except himself”(10). This part of Old Major’s speech helps to prove that Mr. Jones ignores his farm animals as he only cares about his own individual wants and needs and will serve himself prior to serving the others. The animals receive sub-par treatment while Mr. Jones gives himself the utmost things, showing that he does not respond to their needs with care. Secondly, Mr. Jones only cares about keeping his animals alive enough to work, not to have a satisfying life. Old Major tells the animals that they “are given just so much food as will keep the breath in [their] bodies”(2) showing how little the animals are provided with. The fact that the animals are only given the minimum amount of food for survival shows how Mr. Jones does not care about the happiness of the animals as he only cares about them being physically able to do work. The lack of food and care from Mr. Jones helps to prove that the needs of the animals are not one of his priorities, fueling the fire for a
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