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Animal farm literary analysis Animal farm’s novel was first published in 1945 and written by Georges Orwell, it was inspired and influenced by politics before and after world war 2. Orwell worked hard to make the book simple and easily read, in a time where the dictators were manipulating the way people think by controlling languages he was so much concerned to expose the way that Stalin and other dictators were trying to manipulate people by changing the truth. Animal farm tells the story of a group of animal living on the manor farm, the farm owner is Mr. Jones he is unpleasant and doesn’t feed them well, all the animal are overworking and underfed. One day Old Major, the oldest and wisest pig in the farm unites the animals and…show more content…
The pigs were the smartest and most education and other animals were ignorant and illiterate, and are powerless to stop this process. Propaganda was used to control the masses, and Napoleon's used to killing everyone who questions his rules. Progressively, over time, the pigs change the rules to fit their desires, until they have become just as oppressive and unfair as the human's farmers who were overthrown. It seems that Orwell's message is to point out the flaws with the Animal revolution (an analogy for the Russian revolution and communism). Napoleon and the pigs use oppressive and violent methods to maintain control as well as erode the rights of other animals. Members of the society are powerless to do anything and most don't even realize what is happening due to pro-government propaganda and…show more content…
I believed it was enlightening, attention-grabbing, and was a pretty easy read. Thought it had unnecessary details and descriptions that distracts the reader and that’s not fascinating, I like books that tackle political issues and great leaders. I like to explore the social behavior of people from different backgrounds under a certain pressure or in a different situation. Many subjects and topics found in Animal Farm are still applicable today and can be useful to the past as well as the present. I recommend animal farm in addition to some other similar novels like 1984, Lord of the Flies, and Brave New World.

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