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Comparisons and Disparities Between Napoleon and Snowball Animal Farm is considered by many people to be one of the greatest books to ever have been written and published in 1945 by George Orwell. Animal Farm is about a farm being taken over by its animals who got mistreated unfairly with the author’s main purpose to portray how communism fails by revealing the Russian communist characters through his animal characters. Animal Farm focuses on the events that caused the Russian Revolution and the history of the Soviet Union from its own establishment of Stalinism. Napoleon is the main antagonist who is a fictional character in Animal Farm.
Snowball is a character who led the opposition against Napoleon who is the main fictional antagonist
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Napoleon is also based on Napoleon Bonaparte from two centuries ago who was a French leader that betrayed the principles which drove him to power. Napoleon insipidly never appeared to have any interest in the strength of Animal Farm itself because Napoleon only cared about having the strength in his own power over it. Napoleon also never made one single contribution to the revolution due to his own egocentric selfishness that made him self-centered. Snowball is a character as an idealistic pig who was against Napoleon which made Snowball to make improvements for the better future for Animal Farm. Snowball is based on Leon Trotsky from one century ago who was a Soviet politician. Snowball wrote Seven Commandments that are later changed by Napoleon under his orders. Snowball’s ideas was always ignored and disagreed by Napoleon due to his own egocentric selfishness that made him self-centered since Napoleon would intensively dislike to see Snowball leading Animal Farm that would cause Napoleon to lose the popularity and Snowball to gain the popularity. Snowball was imposed against his will out of the Animal Farm when Napoleon used his dogs to chase and attack Snowball away from Napoleon…show more content…
Both Napoleon and Snowball desirably wanted to build the windmill, but Napoleon frighteningly didn’t want to admit it to Snowball however.
Both Napoleon and Snowball address leadership in various different ways such as Napoleon getting in his way using propaganda and Snowball living up to the ideology already set up. Animal Farm was an extremely sad place to live in where all of the animals living in there got mistreated and overworked unfairly when Napoleon took the Animal Farm over. We learned that absolute power corrupts absolutely since Napoleon made decisions based on self-interest since he obviously only cared about having the strength in his own power over it and insipidly showed zero interest of what his own animals in his farm thought about it. We also learned that we should always stand by our own choices while not being frightened to admit what’s right or wrong since the animals in his farm did not make their own choices based on rightness due to the fear of confronting Napoleon. We lastly learned that we should always treat our people and animals equally since Napoleon unfairly and unequally treated the pigs with much greater respect than the rest of the animals at his farm.
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