Narrative Techniques In Animal Farm

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How does narrative technique be showed in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell? word count: 3733 Contents Page ——Introduction ——Body —Rhetorical devices -Personification -Satire -Rhetorical Question -Metaphor/ Allegory —Space Structure ——Conclusion ——Bibliography Introduction The book Animal Farm is written by well-known British novelist George Orwell. The book is written in 1945. The form of the book is really in Aesop’s fables’ style. George Orwell used animals as the main characters. Distinct from other novellas, this one really used a satirized way by using animals to imitate real people. The society of animals dominating the world really refreshed audience from ordinary sarcastic…show more content…
James Aunt Aune also said in the Literary Analysis of Animal Farm that “The general strategy of personification Orwell uses relies on a number of commonsense associations we have with certain animals.” Making a general survey of the book, it is not hard to find that the use of personification is throughout the whole book. Every animal in the book is personificated. They can talk like a human being, build windmill like a human being and fight like a human being. But, what’s more important, they have the same mind as human beings: they can play tricks, they can betray others, they can fabricate others and they can issue orders to other animals and act like the dominator of the farm. In the first chapter of the novella, Old Major held a committee that he hoped to drive away the former owner of the farm. And in the book, they sang a song named Beasts of England. All the behaviors of them were using personification. The use of the personification as the base of the whole novella really showed what the author wanted to express. It is a very clever way to do. George Orwell entrusted his dissatisfaction of the union of Soviet with his construction of the animal world. It is really ingenious to use animals instead of just portraying people under the certain time. Using animals and personification is a good way of attracting the attention of the audience and makes the whole story more vivid. The strivings and struggles between different animals help amplify the conflicts showed in the book. Also, through this, the satirizes can reach to the maximum level, protruding the theme more
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