Animal Farm Russian Revolution Essay

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In the book Animal Farm there are many similarities to the Russian Revolution of 1917 making it almost a history book in some sense. One of Orwell 's goals in writing Animal Farm was to portray the Russian Revolution of 1917 as one that resulted in a government more oppressive, totalitarian, and deadly than the one it overthrew. There are three parallels I will be sharing between the Russian revolution and animal farm I noticed when reading the book many relating to the personitly and behavoirs of the charaters. Many of the characters and events of Orwell 's novel parallel those of the Russian Revolution: In short, Manor Farm is a model of Russia, and old Major, Snowball, and Napoleon represent the dominant figures of the Russian…show more content…
”The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.” Private property being used as a synonym for everything shall be equal. Marx believed to get rid of everything that made people unequal would make the society work. Though both ideas seem nice in theory Animal Farm illustrates that if you give one man or group too much power no matter what it will corrupt anybody. When Old Mayor 's vision of Animalism was put into use the pigs took charge very fast and ultimately corrupted and changed everything about animalism. The pigs became selfish and violent, changing the animal 's view until it was almost completely different from the original. A very similar thing happened with communism, during Joseph Stalin 's rule he left a majority of the country helpless and to fend for themselves. He would sentence people to death for showing the smallest bit of resistance against his newly formed
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