Animal Farm Satire Analysis

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“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” In this case, they are using more equal to justify their preferential behavior. Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is a satire on the Russian Revolution. Satire is a way to use humor, irony, or over exaggeration in order to criticize people’s ideas. Animal Farm illustrates how leaders become corrupt because they abuse their power, the people receive unequal treatment, and the leaders manipulate and oppress the working class. Over the course of the book, Napoleon and the pigs abused their power. On page 61, it was announced that the pigs would now live in the farmhouse, including Napoleon, since the pigs were the brains of the farm. “...the pigs suddenly moved into the farmhouse and took up residence there. ...Squealer was able to convince them that...the pigs, who were the brains of the farm...should have a quiet place to work in. It was also more suited to the dignity of the Leader(Napoleon) to live in a house…”(page 61) When they said that they need a quiet place to work in, they could’ve converted the farmhouse into an office, instead of using it as a residence. This shows that the pigs often use their intelligence(power) as an excuse to have a more comfortable and relaxing lifestyle. In addition, Napoleon abused his power in order to show his importance to the animals. In chapter 7, Napoleon started to show up during…show more content…
Napoleon and Squealer were prime examples of abusing power, unequal treatment, and manipulation since they did all these things to benefit themselves personally in Animal Farm. Many countries today are still in a government like this one, for example, Venezuela, where they abuse their power and manipulate the people. This is important to understand how the world outside us works, and why dictators use their power in such a cruel and awful
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