Animal Farm Summary

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CHAPTER ANALYSIS: CHAPTER1: RUSSIAN REVOLUTION AND ITS AFTERMATHS In 1945, Animal Farm was published which was based on Stalin’s hypocrisy in the context of Russian Revolution. Russian Revolution of 1905 was an outburst against monarchy of the USSR and their leaders. The revolution began in ST. Petersburg capital of Russia, and was rapidly spread across the empire and included most classes and groups of people. It was a massive demand for political reform and it forced Russian emperor Nicholas 2 to concede to major changes in the autocratic regions of government. By the beginning of 1905, dissatisfaction with the imperial government was widespread, middle and upper-class Russians called for a political reform towards a constitutional system, industrial workers resented brutal working conditions and the peasantry wanted the government to redistribute agricultural land held by wealthy landowners. Illegal revolutionary parties, including the socialist revolutionaries and the social democrats (Mensheviks and Bolsheviks), had emerged to champion peasant and worker demands. A liberal political movement in favor of a constitutional monarchy, which during 1905 would form the constitutional Democratic Political Party also emerged. Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905) added to the climate of discontent. On January 9 a large peaceful procession of workers and their families led by a priest, marched to the winter palace in ST. Petersburg to present Nicholas with a petition asking for reforms,
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