Russian Revolution Of 1905: Russia's Contributions

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In 1945, Animal Farm was published which was based on Stalin’s hypocrisy in the context of Russian Revolution. Russian Revolution of 1905 was an outburst against monarchy of the USSR and their leaders. The revolution began in ST. Petersburg capital of Russia, and was rapidly spread across the empire and included most classes and groups of people. It was a massive demand for political reform and it forced Russian emperor Nicholas 2 to concede to major changes in the autocratic regions of government.
By the beginning of 1905, dissatisfaction with the imperial government was widespread, middle and upper-class Russians called for a political reform towards a constitutional system,
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It forced major changes in the political system with the creation of the Duma, which was elected by all classes and had the right to approve all laws and the basic improvements in the lives of industrial workers were fulfilled. During 1800’s Russia found itself amid World War 1 and in the February revolution of 1917 Czar Nicholas 2 took over as a leader of Russia ending the nation’s imperial which was led by Lenin, after Napoleon’s defeat. On October 24th 1917 Lenin and his collaborators launched the full scale coup against provisional government and established a new government based on communism, Marxism, atheism and gender equality. Lenin’s rise to power didn’t ensure further success except increased agricultural production. In response to public dissent Trotsky launched the Red army. Thousands of people were slaughtered in cruel ways, of being suspected anti-communists and this conflict turned into Russian civil war. Lenin died in 1924 and left two power hungry leaders Joseph Stalin and Trotsky and in Lenin’s absence Stalin defeated Trotsky with the help of internal alliances and consequently assassinated him bringing the economy completely under the control of government and for the next quarter of a century, Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union. In order to stop the citizens from rebelling, Stalin used the tactics of terror and deception and executed everyone and anyone who was against him. In 1930’s Stalin gave Soviet support to Spain in the Spanish civil war in which the country was fighting against Japanese fascism in which Orwell himself fought. In 1939 Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with Germany and continued to trade with Hitler’s
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