Animal Farm Vs Anthem Analysis

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Animal Farm by George Orwell and Anthem by Ayn Rand both focus on the effects communism has. However, Animal Farm is more realistic in terms of how everything happens. Compared to Anthem, Animal has a more realistic, working government. Animal Farm takes on a more realistic approach to human nature. Also, events took place in real life that exactly paralleled Animal Farm, while a society that parallels Anthem’s has not occurred. The story Animal farm has a more realistic, working government than Anthem. In Animal farm, the pigs keep hold of their power by using fear. Those who try to rebel are executed, and those who step out of line are threatened by Napoleon's dogs. This is a realistic portrayal of how some governments keep ahold of their power. Anthem, on the other hand, hardly seems to have any sort of government at all. There are departments, surely, but but it is a wonder that this “government” hasn’t been overthrown by somebody like Equality 7-2521 long ago. Although there are punishments for stepping out of line, Equality 7-2521 was able to escape his cell easily with nobody noticing. Having a government similar to Anthems last so long in the real world is simply unrealistic. In addition to…show more content…
In Russia, the old Czar was overthrown, and communism replaced the monarchy. This parallels how Mr. Jones was overthrown, and Animalism replaced him. In Russia, everybody thought that communism was going to make life heaven on earth, only to have communism making life worse than before. In Animal Farm, the animals thought the same thing. Ayn Rand, the author of Anthem, did live in the beginnings of Communist Russia, and her novel takes a view of what might have happened had communism worked the way it was supposed to. Nevertheless, the simple fact is that the scenario she envisioned did not come to
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