Animal Farm Vs Russian Revolution

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The allegory, Animal Farm compares the Russian Revolution in an understanding way to a typical farm life. The main idea in both pieces was to undertake a revolution to see change within freedom, instead it happened to just be the tyrants. In the Russian Revolution the czar was overthrown and only replaced by Stalin who remained a brutal and harsh leader to citizens. In comparison with Animal Farm; the abusive owner Jones, was overthrown by the “mighty” pig Napoleon who became harsh to the other animals and developed similar characteristics to the original leader. George Orwell portrayed his opinion; revolutions fail in that they result only in a change of tyrants. Orwell was able to express his opinion of the russian revolution and tie…show more content…
They stored these hopes in their own Anthem, Beasts of England. “Tyrant Man shall be o’erthrown, and the fruitful fields of England shall be trod by beasts alone.” (Orwell, 7) Every animals destiny was to share equalities and to find their freedom with no tyrant leader. They longed for the existence of humans to vanish and finally have every animal feel free as they deserve. This dream only lasted until the revolt against Jones, the three main pigs felt in charge and to gain all rule from the start, especially Napoleon. Napoleon was the mighty, smart, persuading, demanding pig, and he brought his personality with him on the farm. This relates to Orwell’s philosophy because after revolutions feelings, and ways of life mostly remain the same. After Jones was pushed out of Manor Farm, Napoleon slowly rose to power and became the new tyrant. The animals never got the freedom they longed for or deserved. They were still controlled and remained under power their whole lives. Napoleon immediately…show more content…
He breaks the seventh commandment, “All animals are equal.” Napoleon feels as he is the highest ranked and should be treated as he is. He orders animals to work for him, treat him, and luxurize him more than any other animal. For example, “Napoleon was now never spoken of simply as Napoleon, He was always referred to in formal styles as our leader, Comrade Napoleon. It had become usual to give Napoleon the credit for every successful achievement and every stroke of good fortune.” (Orwell, 27) The animals still haven’t realized Napoleon is rising and becoming similar to Jones as time progresses. Napoleon is taking the easy way out by being lazy and having everything handed to him from his peers which was promised to never happen before the revolt. The animals have forgotten their purpose, and destiny already they are too involved in getting brainwashed by Napoleon. This is an example of Orwell’s philosophy because slowly as time progress Napoleon is getting more power and becoming the new tyrant to replace jones but still act similar to him. As the story progress further Napoleon has most to all power while the animals have little to none. However, the other animals are starting to realize how controlled they are and it feels just as if Jones is still there. Napoleon has completely ruined the commandments set and has changed them completely, especially the most important
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